Thank you to everyone for an incredible 13th Annual Play for Parkinson’s Golf Tournament.

For Providers


It's safe to say that there are a handful of your clients who simply cannot afford your services.

There are a variety of factors that contribute to this challenge – whether it be lack of insurance coverage or just a pure lack of financial capacity. That then puts you as the service provider in a really difficult position. 


On one hand, you first-hand know the incredible impact you’re making on the individuals’ life. However, you have bills to pay and a family to feed. This is where you are our greatest advocate. 


You play an instrumental role for both us and a family.

You’re seeing the impact that your service offering has on the family member. More than that, you’re building a level of confidence and hope for a family more than anyone in their circle of care. 


This means you have the attention of the individual, their care partner and their family. When you are an advocate of them reaching out to us for help, it gives the family a tremendous amount of willpower to speak to us and open up about their situation. 

How it Works


First, your client will need to fill out a free application. You can guide them to apply here.


A case manager will be in touch with them directly, so make sure they know to tell us about you. 


Our case manager will then be directly in touch with you to confirm the need. You are also more than welcome to contact us ahead of time to ensure we’re on the lookout for the application. 


Once a determination of the grant has been made, all individuals are notified.


Upon completion of your service, you will need to provide our case manager with an invoice plus a selfie of you with your client. This is our way of holding everyone accountable. 

We will always pay you (the service provider) directly. This holds everyone accountable.

What to expect.

Is there a cost or subscription for our practice to be part of the PWF? 

Nope! And we don’t plan on ever charging you. 

Can I apply for my client?  

There may be situations whereby you’re the best person in their circle of care to fill out the application. That is totally fine, but we will still need to make contact directly with the family to verify their details. 

What is the typical size of the grant? 

As of August ’23, our typical grant size is between $180 – $360 per family. 

Can anyone apply? 

Yes! As long as an individual has Parkinson’s, we encourage them to apply. 

How long does it take to get paid out?

Once we have confirmed receipt of an invoice and pictures, you can expect payment to be made via check in 2 – 3 weeks.

We understand that it’s difficult to ask for help.

Especially financial help. So, we want you to feel confident knowing that we’re working for you. That’s our goal. What drives us is seeing you being able to get access to what it is you need, today.