Thank you to everyone for an incredible 13th Annual Play for Parkinson’s Golf Tournament.

For Families

for families

You or a loved one are living with Parkinson’s and you need relief. We first hand understand what you’re going through.

The burden of health insurance and medication expenses is a significant barrier that too often limits your ability to gain access to what you’re in need of, today.


Our goal is that from here on out, we’re on your team. Take a deep breathe. We’re not going to be able to solve everyone’s financial burdens, but we can absolutely make an impact together, today.

How it Works


First, fill out a free application. You can apply directly here.


A case manager will be in touch with you directly to determine the best way for us to assist. 


Your case manager will also be in touch directly with your service provider to initiate the process. 


Once a determination of the grant has been made, all individuals are notified.


You’re ready to receive your grant. Our case manager will ensure pictures and invoices are taken care of directly with your service provider.

We will always pay the service provider directly on your behalf. This holds everyone accountable.

What to expect.

Does it cost me money to be part of the PWF? 

Nope! Never. 

Can I apply more than once? 

You absolutely can. You will be added to our waiting list as we do prioritize first time families. 

What is the typical size of the grant? 

As of August ’23, our typical grant size is between $180 – $360 per family. 

Can anyone apply? 

Yes! As long as an individual has Parkinson’s, we encourage them to apply. 

Do you provide guidance on resources? 

We sure do. Navigating where to go and what to do can be very overwhelming. We do our best to help provide clarity in finding the best path to resources as possible. 

Shared Experiences

We understand that it’s difficult to ask for help.

Especially financial help. So, we want you to feel confident knowing that we’re working for you. That’s our goal. What drives us is seeing you being able to get access to what it is you need, today.