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Extraordinary Experiences


We’re fueling once in a lifetime experiences and adventures.

You undoubtably have a bucket list and we recognize that with all of life’s challenges and pressures, you simply may not be afforded with the opportunity to check an item off of that list.  


Our goal is to change that. For our regular grants, we’re responding to your day-to-day needs. This works a little differently – we will be sharing one experience at a time that you can choose to apply to. Experiences are currently only in Los Angeles. 

How it works


Be on the lookout on this page and our Instagram for when we announce our next life experience. 


Make sure to apply (for free) here on our site. Our application will be live once we launch the next experience. 


Applications will be open for a set period of time. If you have been selected, we will be in touch with you directly to organize all logistics. 


Our case manager will work directly with you to ensure all logistics are taken care of. 


If schedules permit, we will also be traveling to the experience in order to capture footage. 

What to expect?

Can I submit an experience?

It’s actually very helpful for us to get an understanding of incredible experiences you’re dreaming of. We aim to get our experiences donated by partners or sponsored by individuals, so know what you’re looking to accomplish helps  everyone. 

Can I apply more than once? 

Unlike our regular PWF Wellness Grants, our extraordinary grants are only one-time experiences. That’s why we aim to make it count! 

What is the typical size of the experience grant?

This is heavily dependent on the experience and the partners we’re able to facilitate to make it all come to life. 

Can anyone apply? 

Yes! As long as an individual has Parkinson’s, we encourage them to apply. Depending on the offering, limitations may apply. 

My experience gets filmed?

That’s right – we do our very best to bring a small film crew to film you before and after your experience. This gives you a special way to hold on to the moment plus it helps us in sharing with partners the incredible meaning of living life for today. 

Can an experience be repeated?

This will depend on each experience. If you see something that excites you and it has been on your bucket list, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and inquire about it. 

Open Experiences

We understand that it’s difficult to ask for help.

Especially financial help. So, we want you to feel confident knowing that we’re working for you. That’s our goal. What drives us is seeing you being able to get access to what it is you need, today.

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