Providing access to services and support needed to live an improved quality of life – today.

Assisting individuals living with Parkinson’s across the United States of America.


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You or a loved one are living with Parkinson’s and you need support. We first hand understand what you’re going through.

Our Father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 18 years ago and for the past 10 years we have dedicated ourselves to building a model that allows us to be on your team.

The burden of health insurance and medication expenses is a significant barrier that too often limits a families ability to introduce and provide their loved with ones with what they really need.

The Parkinson’s Wellness Fund is a place for you to feel comfortable, to have the trust, support and attention you need. Once you’re part of our family, you’re always part of the family.

Because we believe in you and what you determine is best to live an improved quality of life with Parkinson’s.

Recent Parkinson's Wellness Fund Grants


Supply of diapers, pads and wipes




Bathtub Home Modification


1 year membership (24 Hour Fitness)


6 Months Boxing Gym Membership


Entrance into a brain bootcamp


3 Months of Physical Therapy


3 Months of Acupuncture

Each PWF Grant is determined on an individual basis.
The above are example grants.

How It Works


Fill out a free application.

Get Started

Work directly with our case manager to determine the best fit need.


Your case manager will be in touch directly with your service provider.


A determination of the PWF Grant amount is made and all individuals are notified.


Receive your PWF Grant, make sure to share pictures and remember to come back.

NOTE: We always pay the service provider directly on your behalf. This is our way of ensuring you’re utilizing your grant for the intended purpose.

What You Need to Know

Being part of the PWF is 100% free to you and the service provider.
The only verification requirement for eligibility is proof of Parkinson’s diagnosis.
You'll receive one-on-one attention and care.
We're available to assist anyone in the USA and often times abroad as well.
You're eligible to receive more than one grant.
Once you’re part of the PWF, you’re always part of the PWF.

Our Values


We’re all about helping individuals and families navigate situations. Many times, we’re helping beyond the grant. Just like a family member would. We’re
providing guidance, support and emotional support in a variety of areas.


We’re forming a deep connection with each individual, family and service provider. For the family, we’re often times an extension of support they have never had. For the service providers, we’re their biggest champions because if it wasn’t for them, we couldn’t do what we’re doing.


We’re here to improve one more person’s life by removing stress and allowing them to gain access to what they determine they need, today.

For Today

This may be our biggest differentiator. We value life for today. We value helping a person in need who can live a better life. Let’s not wait until we discover the cure, for which we of course desire, but rather let’s focus on how we can improve life today because individuals truly can live a very, very good life, with the care and support they need.

We’re a team based on one-to-one connections. If you’re interested in getting involved, please reach out. There are a variety of paths to take that all lead us down the same journey to purpose and impact.

Do it for today.