Sunday Mornings with Twitchy Women

Twitchy Women programs are designed to address the unmet needs of women with Parkinson’s to keep you inspired, engaged, and help you remember that you are not alone.


Sharon Krischer was diagnosed in 2009 with Parkinson's. 

Several years after her diagnosis she started receiving phone calls from people asking if she could talk to their relative, friend or  co-worker who was recently diagnosed.  So many people were being sent home with a prescription and a return appointment months later, usually in a state of shock and not knowing any more about Parkinson’s than before they went to the neurologist. She started her blog because of a lack of information available to the community about living with Parkinsons.  Almost 6 years later she is still blogging.  You can read her blog here:

In response to COVID-19

In March 2020, 5 years to the day after her first blog post, she started Sunday Mornings with Twitchy Woman in response to the stay at home orders. Many studies have shown that people with Parkinson’s who are isolated from others have the worst outcomes. This was a way to give women a place where they could be part of a community of women with Parkinson’s. They meet every two weeks and have grown to over 250 women around the world.

To join this wonderful group of women, click here to sign up for upcoming events.

A call for Support

Additionally, in response to the pandemic and hearing from so many women who are newly diagnosed, Sharon has started Twitchy Woman Peer Support.  Because in-person classes for people with Parkinsons are not available now, there is no easy way to meet others who will become part of your support team. Twitchy Woman Peer Support are pairing women who are newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s a Peer Mentor, who has lived with Parkinson’s longer, to talk to as they are integrating Parkinson’s into their lives.


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