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We connect people with Parkinson’s specialists, support groups, fitness classes, educational events and other support services. 100% free to families living with Parkinson’s, today.


A Hidden Spark

Just over four years ago, at the age of 54, Lauren Simmons heard the words no one wants to hear, “You have young onset Parkinson’s Disease.” She left the doctor’s office in tears with a prescription for some medication and no hope. She didn’t know where to turn for help. Even though she has a great support system of family and friends, they didn’t have Parkinson’s. It was very isolating. While she spent her time crying and praying, her husband found Rock Steady Boxing online. That was the day that changed her outlook on Parkinson’s because she met and talked to other people who were going through the same thing. 


Action drives Action

Fast forward a year, and after much hard work, Lauren became a certified Rock Steady Boxing coach. Parkinson’s exercise classes helped her so much that she wanted to help others. Fast forward another year, and she was hearing the same story over and over from people who were diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Many of which had been living with Parkinson’s  for years. Like her, they didn’t know where to get help after diagnosis. Orange County, California is full of excellent resources for people with Parkinson’s. Still, there was no one place for people to find those resources. 

That was the impetus to launch PDBuzz.com. She wanted a website for anyone with Parkinson’s in Orange County to find exercise classes, support groups, specialists, educational events, peer support, and social events. She never wanted another person to feel the isolation that she felt after her diagnosis. 


The need to expand is now

With the help of some friends with Parkinson’s, PD Buzz has been live for two years. We are reaching hundreds of people with Parkinson’s in Orange County each month and recently expanded to Springfield, Illinois. The Springfield community needed the same thing that was needed in Orange County – a place to get resources to people with Parkinson’s as soon as possible. COVID has made the situation that much more urgent. Those who are diagnosed during this time have the added burden of not having the chance to attend in-person classes and groups. We are reaching out and letting them know what is available to them virtually to get started on their journey to living well with Parkinson’s, today.

Unfortunately, more and more people are being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and unfortunately, we hear similar stories around the country. People are being diagnosed and not given any guidance for the next steps. We want to be beside them on those next steps because no one should have to walk that road alone. 


Your financial gift ensures that we will have the resources in place to continue to be side-by-side families hearing those same words I did, "You have young onset Parkinson's Disease."

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