How it Works

Welcome! Many of you got into your line of work in order to actually help people. From the many discussions we have had with service providers, we realize that many times insurance companies do block your ability to help families. Well, our hope is to change that. Here is how the PWF works for you…

Step 1:

Please make sure to reach out to us. Click here for more details. Once we have received all relevant information our team will review and then we will schedule a time to either meet in person or speak over the phone. Many times we will do both.

Step 2:

Once you and your practice have been accepted, we will directly work with you to form approved PWF Packages we will offer to our community. The discount you provide is totally up to you. All we ask is for your commitment to our mission to provide access to complimentary services to families who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

Step 3:

You will go on our PWF Network Provider list. As PWF applications come in, we will then be able to connect you with the appropriate individuals.


– Being part of the PWF is 100% free.

– You will always bill us, using the PWF Grant Vouchers that an individual provides you upon their appointment.

For more information or any questions you may have, please contact us today.