Parkinson’s Wellness Fund

The Parkinson’s Wellness Fund improves the quality of life for individuals and families living with Parkinson’s by providing access to complimentary services.

In 2009 we had a dream. To pave the road for a long-lasting, passion driven foundation with the desire to improve the lives of individuals living with and affected by Parkinson’s Disease. The result was the formation and development of the Parkinson’s Wellness Fund (PWF). Our primary focus is to provide financial relief to families affected by Parkinson’s while also building awareness of the affects of Parkinson’s.

In addition to our goal of disbursing grants to Parkinson’s families, this year we have expanded our objectives to include plans to connect Parkinson’s families with health professionals & service providers who provide discounted rates to all PWF applicants. Through the Parkinson’s Wellness Fund, families who cannot otherwise afford much needed aid will receive discounted rates to Parkinson’s specific services in their area.

The Parkinson’s Wellness Fund also serves to build awareness regarding the affects of Parkinson’s, which is accomplished through our Play for Parkinson’s sports programs. These programs range from tournaments to leagues to one-day events and span across the tennis, soccer, golf and running communities. Program participants proudly unite for Parkinson’s and are happy to “play” a part in the fight against this devastating disease.

Latest News as of 9/12/13: Introducing Rides for Parkinson’s!

Parkinson’s patients unable to use public transit systems or drive their own cars to doctor & health care professional appointments can now schedule a ride through the Parkinson’s Wellness Fund from a kindly Ride for Parkinson’s Ambassador. Rides are first come first serve and are dependent upon availability of the driver. ALL rides are absolutely free to the patient and family.

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