The iParkinsons Mission:

Connecting the Parkinson’s Community through a geo-targeted online platform.

In the spring of 2013, we launched a long time vision of ours called iParkinsons. Parkinson’s patients and family members throughout the United States are looking and need help and guidance. Through iParkinsons they can find Parkinson’s specific health professionals and gain access to helpful Parkinson’s organizations who offer programs and services dedicated to making their lives easier. Whether it be a new family relocating and looking for a doctor, or a high school student hoping to run a marathon in honor of their loved one, iParkinsons bridges this divide and unites individuals and families living with and connected to Parkinson’s by providing the resources needed to connect and make an impact on those alike.

iParkinsons is currently in beta at a city near you. Check it out at: iparkinsons.com

To submit listings or contact our iParkinsons Team directly, please email: info@iparkinsons.com