How it Works

We hope to make this a very seamless experience for you and your family.

Step 1: 

Fill out a PWF Application here.

Please note all your information is kept strictly confidential. 

Step 2: 

Our team reviews every application that comes in. You will hear back from us within 5 business days by email. Many times we will also schedule follow up phone calls to discuss your specific needs.

Step 3:

The two factors in being able to issue you a grant are: a) where you are on our waiting list and b) the service you are in need of.


– It is 100% free to be part of the PWF.

– Grants are available to the caregive as well as the individual living with Parkinson’s.

– Once a grant has been provided, the individual will be put in direct contact with the service provider. It is up to the service provider and the grant recipient to schedule the needed appointments. We will then send out the actual grant vouchers to the individual.

– The grant recipient is then responsible for taking the grant voucher to the PWF Network Provider. The PWF Network Provider will then bill us and we will take care of payment directly with the provider. Money never exchanges hands.

– In addition to the grants, individuals can take advantage of the year round discounted rates provided by our PWF Network of Providers.