Our Story

Living with Parkinson’s is a team effort. It effects the entire family and requires a family to make many changes depending on the stage of life they’re in when receiving the diagnosis. Many times, families are hit with additional costs on their monthly insurance fees and of course the medicine costs add up very quickly.

However, there is so much more to insurance and medication. There are many other outlets and complimentary services that families need in order to continue to live a good life. Living with Parkinson’s is not easy on many levels. Our goal is to try and provide financial alleviation on the ability to receive access to these complimentary services.

The birth of the Parkinson’s Wellness Fund was when an individual who was living with Parkinson’s, at that time, for 6 years, was able to receive 3 acupuncture sessions provided by their insurance company. The 3 sessions were great, but after those were over there was no way of having those continued sessions. Insurance and medication costs were just too expensive and there was no room for additional services.

There had to be a way to change this. Our team will not accept the fact that families simply cannot get access to the services they need. Furthermore, our service providers are in the business to help people. It’s time families get access to the people who are here to help them. With additional access to services, we hope to improve the quality of life for individuals living with Parkinson’s today.

Please note, the Parkinson’s Wellness Fund is a program of the MEYROW Foundation.